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I Got $3500
After looking around I chose your company to help me some emergency cash and I"m glad I did! I had a pleasant experience and your rates turned out to be competitive in the area, just like you said. Thank you for your help.
Charles O., 10-10-14
Highly recommend
I highly recommend using Big Car Title Loans Camarillo if you are needing money immediately. The same day I applied I received my funds and I've almost paid it off already without being charged extra. Again, thank you so much!
Rachel E., 1-24-15

Big Car Title Loans Camarillo Provides Quick Money

Big Car Title Loans Camarillo Offers Quick Cash When You Need It

Experiencing a financial crisis may not be an everyday occurrence, but overcoming any such crisis is a challenge to the many individuals and families. One thing that can be said without a doubt, is that banks do not make the task of applying for loans easy with all of their unfair rules and procedures. For instance, their reluctance to finance anyone with a weak financial past. Big Car Title Loans Camarillo can solve this problem by giving equal importance to credit worthy individuals and those with financially weaker credit histories. Big Car Title Loans Camarillo has recently acquired an awesome reputation for financing people with a weaker financial history, making us a popular option for many people.

The main reason for our popularity lies in the simplicity of eligibility and the process to apply.  To be eligible for a car title loan, all you have to do is be over 18 years of age with a steady source of income and possess your vehicle free and clear with access to the title.  The car becomes the collateral for the title loan and the title lender finances a solid percentage of the car’s collateral value assessed professionally by a competent automobile technician.

  • To become eligible for a loan at Big Car title Loans Camarillo you must ensure that your vehicle is registered in the state of California and your insurance is validated and current.
  • Income is also important criteria, and if you can show a regular monthly income of $1,200 you are well set to be approved for one of our auto title loans.


Interest rates are encouragingly low in loans at Big Car Title Loans Camarillo and many customers gravitate to these loans because of their low cost nature. Obtaining a loan with low cost interest rates is a positive as far as car title loans are concerned, and every customer can satisfy their needs quickly. The loans at Big Car Title Loans Camarillo are disbursed within 24 hours.

Following a repayment schedule can be taxing with conventional loans. However, with Big Car Title Loans Camarillo, the repayment schedule is shorter and evenly matched  to match one’s immediate source of income. A car title loan repayment plan leaves more money in your bank account and does not make your shortage of cash problem worse.

The burden of hidden fees and unexpected charges is completely absent in car title loans and you get to choose a repayment program which is perfectly matched to your specific needs.

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2. Documents

We will need your current driver's license, a recent paystub and your lien-free vehicle title, among a few other things. Call us if you have any questions!

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In under 24 hours you can have money in your hands! We can do direct deposit or you can simply stop by our Camarillo office and pick up your check.
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